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Stephanie & Kyle's Candlelit Affair at Villa Woodbine

In an intimate ceremony surrounded by 50 of their nearest and dearest, they turned their wedding into a magical candle-lit  spectacle.

Villa Woodbine transformed into a haven of candlelit enchantment. The reception dinner unfolded beneath a sky adorned with stars, creating an ambiance of unparalleled romance and intimacy.

Stephanie, adorned in the soft glow of twilight, made a stunning entrance into the candlelit ceremony. Kyle, equally enchanted, stood waiting amidst the flickering flames, creating a tableau of love that captured the essence of the couple's timeless connection. Fifty of their closest family and friends gathered as Stephanie and Kyle exchanged vows in the embrace of the setting sun.

The couple's first dance became a mesmerizing candlelit waltz under the disco ball moon. Shadows and light intertwined, creating a dance floor where Stephanie and Kyle celebrated their union in a swirl of love, laughter, and the soft glow of candle flames.


Photographer: @daniparadaphoto

Videographer: @goldhairpin

Cake/Desserts: @eddascakedesign

Hair: @brisoffa

Entertainment: @lrentertainment

Videographer: @goldhairpin


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