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Javi + Val || Downtown Engagement Photos in Miami

This downtown engagement session in Miami was extra special to me because Javi is like a brother to me! He's actually my cousin but we grew up together and as an only child, he was. the closest thing i had. to a brother. Growing up, we both had our own share of bad relationships and heart breaks so when he met Val, i knew she was the one!

This downtown session definitely fit their relationship and love! I always recommend to my couples to choose a location that speaks to them! This definitely happened for Javi and Val! Come see for yourself!

Javi + Val || Downtown Engagement Photos in Miami

A Special Engagement

Getting to capture such a special time in their lives was an absolute honor because I have been able to see their love grow from the beginning. That's the best part about this job - is capturing those magical moments in your life and being a part of your journey and love story. I want to experience it all with you! I am here to be a part of more than just an engagement session, if you'll have me!

Javi + Val || Downtown Engagement Photos in Miami

Choose A Location Perfect To You

When deciding what location to choose for your engagement session it is important to keep you and your partner in mind! Figure out what speaks to the two of you and then go from there! For Javi and Val they decided for the city and downtown vibes of Miami. They both love the city and spend a lot of time there so this seemed like the perfect spot for them! What would be considered the perfect spot for you and your partner? Downtown like them? The beach? An open field? A bar? I am down for all of it!

Javi + Val || Downtown Engagement Photos in Miami

Miami Couples & Wedding Photographer | Dani Parada Photography

If you are obsessed with downtown engagement photos then these are a must see!

Ready to capture your perfect engagement session for you and your partner? Let's do it! Fill out my contact form to make this official! Can't wait to hear from you next!

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