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Arilis + Chris || Miami Courthouse Elopement

The best part about this elopement was that we were able to include traditional wedding elements into their courthouse elopement! Just because you are deciding to elope does not mean that you have to "give up" the traditional wedding feel. The whole day was absolute perfection. We spent every moment laughing and hugging - exactly how it should be! And, we included a cake cutting, a send off, bridesmaids, a beautiful vow reading and more! Come see the rest of this amazing day below!

Arilis + Chris || Miami Courthouse Elopement

An Elegant & Timeless Courthouse Elopement

Arilis and Chris got legally married in a Miami courthouse and shared a private vow reading outside of the court steps. It was magical. Picture this, just them, my camera and the buzzing streets. Literally perfection. Tears were cried. Hugs were felt. It was really important to her to include her family in her day so we all went to a restaurant in Brickell for their reception dinner to celebrate! The room was filled with all their friends and family.

Arilis + Chris || Miami Courthouse Elopement

An Untraditional Yet Traditional Elopement Wedding Day

Arilis really wanted her wedding day to be the perfect combination of elegant, timeless, traditional and untraditional and I think we did just that! We were able to incorporate the traditional elements like bridesmaids, dinner reception, a vow reading and a fun vintage car send off! And, we were able to the elopement untraditional elements. They spent time with just themselves, kept the entire day very intimate and shared special moments with just the two of them! My favorite part of their day was definitely the vintage car photo op. It was so perfect having that be the main focus of their bridal portraits. What would you include that is special on your wedding day? A vintage car like this one?

Arilis + Chris || Miami Courthouse Elopement

Miami Wedding & Elopement Photographer | Dani Parada

I am all in for any elopement that is completely unique and has never been done before! I would be honored to be a part of your love story! If you feel like we could be the perfect fit and my vibes match your vibes then let's make it happen! Fill out my contact form to continue to next steps together!


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