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Get ready to slay!

If you're not a professional model, don't even stress it!

None of my clients are! This is a safe space for all of us who want professional photos without that awkward photo feeling!


This won't be like your 15's photos where you felt stiff and held back while your mom screams over the photographer.

(example solely hypothetical and totally didn't happen to me)


Our session will include lots of movement, candid photos, and some good laughs.


We'll use this as a time to treat yourself and bump up that self-confidence!


If fun music, dance parties, and Pinterest modeling sound like your thing, you've come to the right place! 



Portraits are such a fun way to showcase your personality!

While I'm usually against posed photos, posed portraits just add the greatest hint of editorial + dramatic! Even posed photos don't have to feel awkward. Like I tell all my clients who feel a bit nervous before shoots, "you're not awkward, you've just had awkward photos taken!"

I know the feeling of asking someone for a photo and then not knowing how to pose. . .yikes! But don't worry, I'll guide you through the process while making sure even the posiest of photos look natural.

But if that's not your vibe, we'll crank up the music, get some wind in your hair, and get some candid, free-spirited portraits!

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