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Danielle + Grant || Beach Engagement Photos

Danielle and Grant were absolutely fabulous during their beach engagement photos at South Point Pier in Miami Beach. They were so playful and had no hesitation to sit and play in the sand together. Their love is so adventurous which made for the perfect opportunity to do unique and fun poses that are perfect with couples with height gaps!

These are some of my favorite go-to engagement photoshoot poses ideas for couples with height differences!

Fun Piggy Back Ride

Let's show off your playful side! With the infamous piggy back ride! When I use this prompt it creates a fun experience for my couples. Every single time this part of the session is filled with lots of laughs and energy! I love seeing this from my couples! In there element, expressing their genuine side without even knowing it's happening! Plus, this engagement photos pose for couples with height differences is perfect! You can't even tell!

couple photos on the beach doing a piggy back ride

Snuggle Close

I always have so much fun giving this prompt during my engagement photoshoots. This is where the emotion comes into play and we really get to see the raw side of your relationship. When I say "snuggle up" and "get closer" I really mean it! The whole goal is to get you comfortable behind the camera and acting like I am not really there! Plus, when they were snuggling you can't even tell that there is a height difference, right?! It's perfect!

couple snuggling on beach during their engagement photos

Close Up Details

The close up detail shot of holding each other is one of my favorites too! This helps immensely with the height difference because they are sitting next to each other. I was able to zoom in and capture the affection they shared for each other. In this case, you can't even tell that there is a height difference! Perfect solution!

engagement photo ideas and poses showing off their engagement rings

Walking & Holding Hands

This is one of the perfect poses for couples who are new to getting their photos taken! Using this prompt helps you get comfortable in front of the camera. This is perfect for the height difference because I can still capture them looking at each other while showing off the dimension of the couple! It gives the illusion that they are closer in height than in reality!

couple walking on beach holding hands during their engagement session


Come check out the rest of this beautiful engagement photoshoot at the beach!

couple at beach doing piggy back ride and being playful

couple kissing at beach with rainbow in the background during sunset

couple sitting on rocks at the beach during their engagement photos

couple sitting on sand at the beach during golden hour sunset

couple sitting and holding each other on the beach

couple dancing at the beach during their engagement photos

couple with their dog during engagement photos at the beach

black and white photo of couple sitting on pier holding each other

I'm all about authenticity so if you're looking for a place where you can get candid photos that capture your true and genuine selves, you've come to the right place.

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