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Dani + Danny || Untraditional Courthouse Elopement

This courthouse elopement was unlike any other elopement I have ever had! They decided to go the untraditional route to express their love for each other - and I was all for it! This amazing day happened at the Downtown Miami Courthouse and honestly the backdrop was so unique and perfect for them! Come see what I mean!

couple sitting down and hugging at courthouse for their elopement

Popping Champagne Magic

The best and funniest part of the day, was when we got kicked out for popping champagne on county property! We all laughed so hard about this! We didn't even realize that this was something we could get in trouble for. But it just felt like the perfect way to end off the badass elopement vibe they wanted. And sealed it with a cool story to tell!

couple popping champagne celebrating their wedding day at the courthouse for their elopement

Untraditional Elopement + Fun Love

I love it when my couples think outside of the box and do smaller weddings or elopements. Even courthouse elopements or weddings don't have to be traditional. You can make it as unique as you want it to be! Dani + Danny decided to stay on the more casual side that showed off who they were with their amazing elopement attire. They also brought a sharpie and a piece of cardboard saying "Married as Fuck". These are the types of vibes I love in my couples.

couple with married sign on the courthouse stairs in miami

Miami Elopement Photographer | Untraditional Elopement Ideas

Aren't these two just fabulous? Everything about their love has me completely obsessed!

Come check out the rest of this beautiful untraditional courthouse elopement!

Are you ready to book your untraditional elopement?

Cause I am all for it! Fill out my contact form and lets pop champagne and celebrate your love together!

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Model: @daniellacorado

Glam: @novamakeupandhair

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