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Cassie + Tyler || Cute Spring Engagement Photos at Miami Beach

Cassie and Tyler were so sweet during their whole spring engagement photo session at Miami beach! They totally showed off their love and playful side throughout their entire session! I really loved how their engagement outfits were perfectly paired for each other. Cassie's dress was bright, fun and colorful and Tyler's was very neutral--the perfect blend! I loved being a part of their engagement!

Cassie + Tyler || Cute Spring Engagement Photos at Miami Beach

The Sweetest Couple

Tyler is a professional Jockie so they spend most of the year traveling around which is how we were able to connect! They travel between Florida, Kentucky and New York year-round and It was awesome being able to time it perfectly with their travel dates. They love the beach so this was an amazing location for them to just have fun and be themselves! Yes, they are 100)% as cool as they sound but most of all, they are just SO sweet!

Cassie + Tyler || Cute Spring Engagement Photos at Miami Beach

Get Your Engagement Photos Done!

My recommendation is no matter how nervous or awkward you might think you will be in your engagement photos - always do them!! Cassie and Tyler said that they were awkward in photos but they totally were not! A lot of people get in their heads about engagement or couples sessions. Just remember that when you are given prompts by your photographer and are focused on each other (as a couple) you forget there is even a stranger taking photos of you! It just starts to feel natural! Plus, my favorite part is getting you out of your comfort zone and seeing the real side! So always get them done - you won't regret it!

Cassie + Tyler || Cute Spring Engagement Photos at Miami Beach

Miami Wedding & Couples Photographer | Dani Parada Photographer

These cute spring engagement photos at Miami Beach are a must see! Come check them out!

Let's do your beach engagement photoshoot next! We can make it exactly how you want your day to be! Fill out my contact form and we can get started on planning the day right away!

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