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Kids grow up so quickly!

Seriously,  one moment they're adorable toddlers with that baby perfume smell and the next, they're stinky teenagers who probably haven't showered in a few days.


But they're YOUR stinky teenagers! So cute.

All jokes aside, you'll want to remember this phase in your life because someday when they're all grown up, you'll look back at these documented memories and remember all the things that made your family as special and unique as it is.

So let's get to documenting!



Stiff photos aren't my vibe!

I'm a huge believer in not forcing emotion or stiff poses... it looks and feels unauthentic. 

Instead, I use a posing approach called "guided posing" which means that I'll basically give you guys prompts like "Run while holding hands" or "Everyone look at mom and laugh ridiculously loud" This always makes it easier to feel comfortable in front of the camera and catch those genuine laughs that effortlessly appear.

Of course, if your arm placement or walking looks a bit off, I'll let you know to fix that and we'll keep on rolling!

With the help of my speaker, we'll also blast some of your favorite jams so we could dance + sing along.

I can also sing for you guys--but I'll go ahead and warn you, when God made me, he added tone-deaf twice!

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